Success Story – Yvonne

I first came to see you in September 2015. Having tried numerous diets in the past none which had been successful and having  very low esteem about the way I looked this has now changed.   I have lost over 30lb and have gone down 4 dress sizes by following my customised eating and exercise programme.

I have tried going to various gyms in the past but always felt very intimidated as I was just shown how to do a few exercises and then left to my own devices so I stopped going.

The reason I like NutriFit Clinic is the one-to-one service they offer and also all the encouragement and support given at each session.

It is the only food and exercise plan that has ever worked for me. Every recommendation they make makes sense and really works and over the past 5 months I feel like I have become much more confident in myself.

I can’t stop telling everyone how fantastic they are. It was the best phone call I have ever made. You have taught me so much about exercise and nutrition and how important it is and I think you are a total inspiration to me. I could never have done so well without all your help and encouragement. I will keep recommending you and I hope that NutriFit Clinic continues to go from strength to strength.