Lean and Lively Programme

lean andd lively - personal trainer harrowAre you fed up of being overweight and tired?
Looking to become more attractive and boost self-esteem?
Want to look amazing?
Like to feel more toned and dislike the gym?
Want the energy of your youth?
Struggling with stress?

If any of the above apply then our Lean and Lively Programme is for you.

Our Lean and Lively Programme is fun, exciting and a sure guarantee to supercharge your results.

We achieve outstanding results for our clients through comprehensive consultations and assessments, unique coaching and progressive personal training approaches to deliver the best selection of exercise and lifestyle solutions to meet your goals and needs.

Who Our Lean and Lively Clients ARE…

Our clientele are an amazing group of people. They include athletes, CEO’s, celebrities and entrepreneurs and yet include many, many people from more ‘regular’ walks of life too. (We make no distinctions here based on job or income, ALL of our clients are treated like royalty)

While their backgrounds are diverse, the over-arching similarity between them all is that each and every one of them has come to us because they’ve realised that the approaches they’ve taken in life so far have failed.

Because of this, they come to us open-minded and eager to embrace an approach that is more than just about eating less, moving more and focusing on their physical selves. Yes, they want to LOOK great for sure, but they want to FEEL great too and that includes how they feel about themselves and their ‘big picture’ purpose as they go through life. They want great LIVES, not just great bodies and so they’re open to learning more than just how to change what goes on their plate.

In other words, what distinguishes our clients from those of other personal training and health coaching companies is that they are seeking more. They are looking not just to the short term, quick-fix aesthetic goals that are so common but rather, they are looking to become the greatest possible versions of
themselves… which is great because that’s EXACTLY what we do, bring out the greatness in others. If you’re 100% certain that you’re ready to become the greatest version of yourself, then we’d love to hear from you.

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  • Call or email today to arrange your initial Lean and Lively consultation
  • We’ll send you a set of health appraisal questionnaires to complete and return prior to your consultation
  • Attend your initial consultation
  • Agree on the best plan to achieve your goals

Start your Lean and Lively Programme and say hello to YOUR new lean and energised body.


Contact us now to arrange your initial consultation and see for yourself why we are so truly effective at improving the way our clients look and feel and making YOUR goals happen!

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