Healthy Inspiration for Foodies

One of the reasons clients typically seek the expertise and input of a Personal Trainer is for help giving their dietary habits an overhaul. The motivator may be weight loss related, for health reasons or simply because there’s an internal drive to look and feel better.

Recently one of our clients invited a few of the NutriFit Clinic team to the Ideal Home Xmas show in London to see first-hand their Original Pizza Maker. So many of our clients have a love of pizza but rarely do they make their own.  Instead they opt for fast food takeaway or supermarket options greatly limiting the control they have over the ingredients and calories they are consuming.

Now we’re great believers in food choices working well for each individual client.  After all not matter how great the Personal Trainer is if the diet prescribed involves cutting out foods enjoyed and replacing them with far less popular alternatives, the new eating regime will soon become tiresome and hard to adhere to.

So when we discovered the Original Pizza Maker what a discovery this was!

We’re great believers in quality ingredients as a driver to quality nutrition, and that the key to achieving positive nutrition is to seek out healthy alternatives to the foods you enjoy.  When it comes to pizza, what better than a work top based product that means you can whizz up your very own healthy option in a matter of minutes.  For the real foodie you can make your own dough, base sauce and get inventive with a whole host of toppings.

We were fortunate enough to try some tasty samples and before our eyes the authentic ‘firestone’ cooked tasty delights in a matter of minutes.  Our personal favourite was the tomato, Kalamata olive, mushroom and mozzarella.  The tomato base gives a great flavour hit whist packing a lycopene punch and the mozzarella is a fab source of protein, biotin (vitamin B7), riboflavin (vitamin B2) and niacin (vitamin B3).

Pizza Gets Healthy

The fact that the consumer is in complete control of what goes in their pizza is great news.  For clients seeking nutritional guidance they can enjoy this food treat as part of their healthy eating plan.  Under the expert guidance of their Personal Trainer cheese can be replaced with reduced fat options or big flavour varieties that use less product.  What’s more the pizza can be piled high with lean proteins and plenty of antioxidant rich vegetables…what’s not to love!

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